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Wondering What a Whole Home Humidifier System Costs in San Fernando Valley, California?
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Exceptional Whole Home Humidifier Installation Services in the San Fernando Valley, CA Area

Humidity plays a direct role in the air quality of your home and for homeowners in the San Fernando Valley, CA area, a whole home humidifier system can be a necessary addition when climates are cold and dry during the winter season. Humidifiers allow you to add moisture to your house’s air supply, benefiting your comfort, health, and air quality. Many homeowners use portable humidifiers to try and add more moisture to their home, but having Tassio Temperature Control install a whole home humidifier in your home is actually a much better option than relying on portable units. With a whole house humidifier system, your humidifier is installed directly into your HVAC system. This allows water vapor, aka moisture, to spread through your ductwork, hitting every room in your house. This will significantly improve the air quality of your entire property and can be extremely beneficial for homeowners whose home and health suffer from a particularly dry climate.

If you suspect that you, your family, and your home would benefit from adding moisture to your air supply via a humidifier system, take a look at some of the most common signs of a home in need of a whole house humidifier unit:

Dry and Itchy Skin

Do you find that you very often suffer from dry, itchy skin? How about a dry scalp or itchy eyes? Nosebleeds or a scratchy, sore throat? All of these symptoms are very common in homes with an overly dry climate. Air quality with a lack of humidity very often leads to itchiness all over the skin and can result in poor overall health. If you or your family have suffered from any of these symptoms, it’s time to call the air quality pros at Tassio Temperature Control and schedule an Exceptional Whole Home Humidifier Installation Service as soon as possible!

Static Electricity

Most San Fernando Valley homeowners have experienced that little shock you receive when you touch your hair, clothes, or carpet in the wintertime. Dry air can actually increase static electricity! If you have noticed an increased amount of static electricity around your home, while brushing your hair or changing your clothes perhaps, this is likely due to a lack of moisture in your home. Adding a whole home humidifier system to your home will greatly help improve the dry air in your home and eliminate those annoying static electricity shocks!

Warped Wood Around Your Home

Whether it be your wood floors, cabinets, furniture, door frames, or something else; if any of these wooden items are becoming warped or misshapen, this is likely due to lack of proper humidity in your California home. When your home’s air supply is too dry, it can completely warp the wood in your home, which can cause doors to not shut correctly, cabinets to not close all the way, and furniture to become damaged. This is a clear sign that you will need to enlist the humidity experts at Tassio Temperature Control for Exceptional Whole House Humidifier Installation Services.

Cracked Paint

If you have noticed that the paint on your walls is starting to chip or crack, this is likely due to a lack of moisture in your home’s air supply. Chipped and cracking paint are a very common sign that you are in need of a whole house humidifier system.

We offer a full line of installation, maintenance & repair that your home Humidifier system may require, no matter the problem or time of year. You can count on the trusted professionals at Tassio Temperature Control for exceptional service & quality craftsmanship.

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Benefits of Exceptional Whole Home Humidifier Installation Services by Tassio Temperature Control

At this point, you may be wondering, what exactly is the correct amount of humidity for a San Fernando Valley home? It actually depends primarily on your individual preference, but the general recommendation is to have a relative humidity of 30% to 50% in your house. When your reliable Tassio Temperature Control heating and cooling experts install a whole house dehumidifier in your home, they will measure the relative humidity in your home using a tool that reads humidity levels, known as a hygrometer. If you suspect that your home is in need of a humidifier system, here are some of the benefits of installing a whole house humidifier unit:

Improved Health

As previously discussed, low humidity levels can dry out your nasal passages, sinuses, throat, and even cause itchy skin, eyes, and nosebleeds. Additionally, for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, low humidity can cause these conditions to flare up significantly worse.

Save Money

Many homeowners who install a whole home humidifier tend to use their HVAC unit less, as the humidity from the unit makes the air feel warmer. This can actually help you save money on your monthly utility bills every month as well as extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Improves Home Maintenance

When you decide to have Tassio Temperature Control install a whole home humidifier system, the humidity from the unit will actually help with maintaining any wood pieces in your home. Doors, door frames, wood floors, cabinets, and even musical instruments will remain in significantly better condition and last much longer with proper humidity levels in your house. Additionally, many homeowners report that adding a whole house humidifier to their home has even aided in growing lush houseplants!

Tassio Temperature Control is proudly & professionally serving the greater San Fernando Valley, California area.

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Is it worth it getting a whole house humidifier?

Yes, it is worth it to get a whole house humidifier installed in your home! Whole house humidifiers provide great benefits for San Fernando Valley, CA homes that require them. When you trust the pros at Tassio Temperature Control to install your whole house humidifier system, you can expect to save money on your monthly utility bills, better maintain wooden products around your home, and of course remain in better health and air quality.

How much does it cost to have a whole house humidifier installed?

The cost to have a whole house humidifier installed by the pros at Tassio Temperature Control will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the humidifier, the type, and your current HVAC system. Additionally, the cost of labor to install the whole house humidifier will affect the total cost. The best way to get a more accurate cost estimate is to call the humidity experts at Tassio Temperature Control! One of our certified technicians will analyze your home and humidity needs, walk you through your options, and provide you with a price estimate.

Do whole house humidifiers cause mold?

When used properly, whole house humidifiers should not cause mold. The humidity levels in your home should always remain between 30% and 50% to ensure that excess moisture does not occur. When you have Tassio Temperature Control install your whole home humidifier system, your certified technician will show you exactly how to operate your unit accurately, so that you do have mold or mildew growth in your San Fernando Valley, CA home.

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